About Sophia

Sophia Monti was born in Stockholm, to a Swedish/Italian father and a Swedish mother. At the age of 13 she joined her first theatre group and never looked back.


She was accepted to a High School for the Performing Arts, studying Theatre and the Art of Acting for three years, graduating in 2008. Even though her training based strongly in theatre, she had always been drawn to film and had her eyes set on Los Angeles.


After High School, Sophia felt an urging need to travel, to explore, to meet new people and to learn how to be independent. She packed a backpack, bought a ticket to Thailand and spent four months traveling through South East Asia. This was a very important time in her life, where she feels like she grew both as an artist and as an individual.


After returning home, she immediately made plans for the big move to Los Angeles. She enrolled in a full time Acting for Film program at The New York Film Academy, and set off in October 2010.


Since then she has acted in various short films such as the comedy Loveseat with Matt Jones, as well in several stage productions.


She is currently the Co-Artistic Director for The Miserable Brilliance Ensemble, a theatre company that writes, produces, directs and acts in three productions a year. 


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